Monday, October 6, 2008

New Haves & Thirds videos and old music.

This past Saturday evening, I was the recipient of a very great surprise party for my 26th birthday. Many friends (quite a few traveled good distances, which I am so grateful for) and family gathered together for a really nice evening, which was beautifully accented by a 2 song Haves & Thirds performance. Apparently the second song will never be played live again.


Next I've uploaded the last studio session of What's YR Damage? songs. I think this must've been early or middle 2005. Two songs were previously released on a split 3" CD with Puke Attack. Not sure many people heard it, as I think we made only 100 or so. The other four songs were supposed to be the always-planned-but-never-realized What's YR Damage + Dead/Bird split LP.

I've always been a little hesitant to put these songs on the internet because the recording is pretty bad. Our buddy Josh Dobbs did it, and while I think he is certainly adept when it comes to recording, as he's shown many times with plenty of bands, we were young and had no idea what we wanted it to sound like. It should've been a little more blown out, a little more in the red, and our amps should have worked properly. I'm mostly disappointed in the recording because I think the songs were actually pretty good. After this period, we pretty much gave up on conventional song writing and recording methods. I'm hesitant to say we only played improvisational or free form music after this period, because we pretty much played that type of stuff live anyways. Whatever, enjoy the music if you can:

What's YR Damage: The Last Studio Session