Saturday, July 25, 2009

Russian Tsarlag/Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn split 7" available NOW

Two longtime and long distance comrades on one piece of wax. Random marble-colored vinyl with full color pro printed covers. $5 ppd.

Russian Tsarlag is Providence musician/filmmaker/artist/Kinky Noise Records CEO Carlos Gonzalez. Tsarlag contributes what could be considered the soundtrack to a late-night teenage creep cult pep rally; his most plugged in and power chorded ripper yet. It's the perfect progression from his "Community Death Tube" LP (Night People) and split 12" with Blue Shift (Rare Youth). Kind of reminds me of early Chrome without the tacky electronics.

Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn is the ongoing project of What's YR Damage?'s Nelson Hallonquist. His side slows things down, way down, with a warped out analog burner. Thick synths, oscillations, finger piano, and the contents of a warbled tape found in a public garbage are utilized, in which two men contemplate a body transcending experience via the metaphysics of sports. Weird shit.

Preview: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn "Ultra Cultural Bummer" / Russian Tsarlag "The Master's Speech"

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Also available is a new Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn CD-r. Dense, blown-out electronics with few melodies. It can be downloaded below, or purchased (full color packaging, uncompressed music). All three LLLR cd-r's (Potentials, The Smiling at Technology EP and Things Have Never Been Better) are available for $5 ppd or $8 ppd with the RT split 7"
Download Lesson Lesson Lesson Relearn - Potentials

Friday, March 27, 2009

Smiling at Technology EP review

My good friend Adam Prince posted a review of the Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn - Smiling at Technology EP. For the review, and a ton of other art-related writings, click this, bro.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Returned from SXSW late yesterday afternoon. A really great time was had by myself and the What's YR Damage? team. Unyielding gratitude goes to Rat Bastard for asking us to play. I recorded sets from Laundry Room Squelchers, Darker Florida, Sanguine Piss, Ryan Jewell and Lazy Magnet. I should be able to put the What's YR Damage? set up later in the week.

Download: INC @ SXSW

SXSW was actually a blast for my first time going. Saw lots of great bands (Silver Apples, Devo, Woods, Frodus reunion, the whole INC showcase), some not-so-hot ones, and didn't sleep for about two days since our hotel was overbooked despite us having a reservation. Got to eat more burritos and tacos than I'll want for a long time (and I love burritos and tacos), hang out and swim in my underwear at Barton Springs, see old friends, and just generally have a great weekend that was much needed.

Looks like WYD? is trying to pull it together to do a tour in August. If we can pull off playing shows in Miami and Austin in the last two months, the prospects for this are looking bright. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 16, 2009

3 more INC sets

Here are three more INC sets.

Byron House - This turned out really well. Full blown intensity, complete with Carlos's witty between song banter. One of the best Byron House sets I've seen in a long time.

My [Left] Uterus - Hands down the best MLU set I've ever seen. Unfortunately the audio is kind of jacked. I walked in right as they were about to start, and couldn't see the settings on my recorder. About 3 minutes in, it gets very loud and sounds correct. Still a shredder.

Soft Creatures - This is the soundtrack to the places we'd rather not go. Talk about haunting...!

Download: Byron House, My [Left] Uterus, and Soft Creatures at INC 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's YR Damage at INC 2009

Below is a set by What's YR Damage? recorded last week at the 2009 International Noise Conference. It's a bad trip into a creep vortex.

I'll upload other face shredding sets by Byron House, My [Left] Uterus, and Soft Creatures sometime soon.

What's YR Damage? - Live at INC 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

LLLR-Sweat Leaf Revolution

Here are covers of Black Sabbath and The Beatles.

Download: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn