Monday, March 29, 2010

Neon Blud - Amphetamine Dreams c22 - $5

Neon Blud-Amphetamine Dreams: $5 SOLD OUT. (Seriously. Sold out. Copies won't magically appear if you email me, so don't.)

This c22 documents two live performances of Tampa's Neon Blud. One side will make you want to punch holes in your bedroom walls. Cymbals crashing and guitars blaring in the red so hard it'd make Iggy cream his jeans. Hopefully by the time Side B rolls around you've raided your stash for any leftover barbiturates you forgot to take in the 80s. Unsettling, nerve-racking and an overall enjoyable listen by a band that definitely makes me love punk again. Limited to 200. Do it now before you have to buy it on eBay and lie to your friends about "having been there since the beginning." (Featuring ex-members and members of other bands).