Friday, March 25, 2011


2011. Here we are.

Neon Blud / Diet Cokeheads "Compact Heat" 7" out soon (early April). Cokeheads should have them on their tour with Broken Water. Check the dates here.

Cop City/Chill Pillars are currently tearing up the eastern side of America with Partial People. Check those dates here.

LLLR show coming up:

April 15th @ The Orange Door, Lake Park, FL.
Blank Dawgz
Love Handles
The Jameses
Guy Harvey
Low Level Lazer Radiation

Lastly, scope the bad ass Miami label Iki Jime Owen Meany for a new series of LLLR tapes, amongst tapes by other bad assed people. LLLR ended up doing 15 totally unique tapes limited to one each of new recordings. Some are new minimal jams, some are processed out field recording collages, some are remix/re-edits of older LLLR recordings.