Monday, October 8, 2007

New releases:

Download: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn - Things Have Never Been Better

Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn has popped up now and then since 2004. He released a tape (of which 3 copies exist), and can be heard on two compilations (Night of the Living Dead Bird - Breathmint Records, Pesky Pests at the Party Palace - Black Lakes).

After a post-modern meltdown that lasted from summer '06 to summer '07, which included getting rid of 90% of his records, almost all of his musical equipment, and listening to nothing but "Ready to Die" for six months straight, he drops "Things Have Never Been Better."

The title speaks the truth, and so does the music. It was recorded in one afternoon with the few instruments he thought he got rid of (a mbira, a keyboard, a guitar, and a lot of analog tape sounds) but discovered in boxes after a recent move to sleepy beach town. Sounds of past experiences are used in conjunction with minimal instrumentation to create a deconstructivist rhythm that lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Not that we could ever tell you how to listen to your music, but it's best enjoyed with headphones while spacing out.

Download: Shirts VS. Skinheads - Abilities

Shirts VS. Skinheads is 2/3 of What's YR Damage? playing some pissed off, blown out, trashed out sounds using guitars, electronics, and drums. "Abilities" captures two live sets during the month of August in the year 2007. The last song features Jimmy from Skeleton Warrior laying down something fierce on an old moog, adding a completely different dynamic (and making that set about 3 times longer than the first set featured on the disc).

All releases will be available for free digital download very soon. You know the routine: if you dig it, think about buying it (or trading something for it). CD-r's are $4.

Email if you're interested in trading or purchasing.

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