Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Sounds + More upcoming releases

On the Saturday before Halloween, October 27 2007, I took advantage of sound possibilities by riding my bicycle from my house through downtown West Palm Beach. My original plan was to document the journey on a lively evening, and then repeat it the next morning, comparing the two. What awaited me was crowds of more people than I've ever seen at one time in the downtown area; some sort of street festival in honor of Halloween. A lot of people went as drunks this year. I assume this isn't unusual here even when it isn't Halloween. Of course there was also the obligatory "hot cops," "70's guys," and various racist costumes... such as a young man in black face with an afro wig and two young men in "arab sheikh" outfits (or a supposed romanticized Western version) carrying gas cans. "WTF?" is an appropriate response. In addition, I was mistaken twice, for being dressed as an "environmentalist." Welcome to the South. Class? Tact? I couldn't seem to find any of that.

For some reason, second generation experience has the potential to be more interesting than first generation experience. I believe that my conscious recording method provided unexpected sound quality and results. I don't expect many to endure the 53 minute excursion in its entirety, but surprisingly, it played out naturally with a crescendo, climax, and descrendo.

This is the first in a series of field recordings. Some may become source material for more Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn songs. More than anything, its an excuse to stay busy. Process breeds ideas, right?

Download: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn - Halloween Sonic Experience

Also, the man known as Soft Creatures is recording again (what the hell? The whole team is back in one way or another). This is a very good thing. Dude is building upon sounds heard on the "Cry Me a Liver" cassette released via Black Lakes, but this round its a million times better and using even less equipment. Talk about sitting on ideas for a couple of years and then executing them flawlessly... Expect a SC/LLLR split very soon. We're both currently recording for this release. November? December? Whenever. As if anyone is holding their breath anyhow...

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