Thursday, November 15, 2007


Check the "Added: days ago" and "number of views." Someone's looking out for me.

In other news, I'll be getting the internet and cable television at my house today. I'm hoping my productivity with go through the roof while I edit sounds/layouts/etc. for cd-r's and digital versions for the blog while consuming as much contemporary rubbish as my brain can handle.

So, expect Zachary Granger Moldof and Haves&Thirds cd-r's up here this weekend for real, as well as a bunch of promised WYD? junk. Adam is sending me a box of odds 'n ends cassettes we used, so those will make their way up here at some point. I think we're going to do a cd-r collection of these cassettes for International Noise Conference titled "Rough Times." Chances are, the digital version will be posted here before the year's end.

Got the Soft Creatures songs for the LLLR split. Holy crap, it's really good stuff. I'll probably post a couple of tracks this weekend. The split will feature top notch packaging courtesy of Jotch2812.

If you're in Gainesville there are some total shredders playing on Saturday, you MUST attend this show:


In person:
Gaybomb -- the return of the magnetic strip abuser, from Charleston, SC
Otolathe -- cricketronics, from Tampa
Pairs -- one man pushes drums through electronics and vice versa, from Tampa
Often -- record collage, new to Jacksonville
Hal McGee -- longtime jack of all noise trades
Ironing -- microcassettes, tapes, radio, and records, ridden like a bull
M.A.S.S. & Adikt -- new pair mixing turnatablism with sax, beats and real time sampling and electronic manipulation

Not In person:
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn -- West Palm Beach

Saturday, November 17 at 9PM
@ Tim & Terry's <------note different location from past shows!
1417 NW 1st Ave
Gainesville, FL

LLLR will be playing via telephone thanks to electronic wizardry of Mr. Ironing.

There's a Florida weekend tour planned for Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn at the end of December. Orlando/Tampa/Sarasota/maybe Miami? Sure is a good reason to get out of south Florida, and hopefully spread some music around.

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seth said...

dude play clyo or savannah before the day before yr florida tour