Monday, November 19, 2007

New releases 11-19-07

As usual, all of these are available as cd-r's from me. Just get in touch. Trades are preferred, but you can purchase them for $4/ea.

Download: Haves&Thirds - Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young

This international genius returns with his third full length, showing more focus now than ever before. Haves&Thirds is one of my favorite artists (recorded and live), and it is more than a pleasure to release something for the mysterious hooded man. You'll love this, there's no doubt about it. Plus, there's an OALS cover. Am I serious? Hell yes.

Check out previous releases on Cephia's Treat, Kinky Noise, and Obelisk.

Download: Zachary Granger Moldof - A Contest is Eminent

A Contest is Eminent documents a performance organized by Zach Moldof. There's no doubt that this man knows exactly what he's doing. Controlling the uncontrollable, listening to the unlistenable (or maybe unlistening to the listenable). Just when you ask yourself, "When does this start?" you've wasted valuable minutes, and might want to kick it back to the beginning. Nerds will certainly hear some John Cage and David Tudor in here. I think it sounds a little bit like Pengo at some points. But honestly, it stands on its own with out reference points. Just check it out and blast off into outer space.

This is the type of recording you'll want to discover and rediscover time and time again. Please believe.

Download: What's YR Damage? - No Thanks
This has been available since the most recent International Noise Conference, but what good does availability do without the knowledge of it? This is an attempt to get this recording to see the light of day.

This is the one and only full length recording by What's YR Damage?. It was recorded right before INC 2006 by Mr.1/2s&1/3s himself on analog 4 track, completely live in the Trung Party Palace. A much more physically free and sonically restrained Damage than ever before, No Thanks. documents one of the most important periods of that band, showcasing the young men doing exactly what they wanted to at that specific point in time.

Those that saw the band on their last tour know what they're in for. Those that didn't should find out.

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i don't know said...

Sorry about that Nelson. I've just been randomly posting old interviews I did years ago for no other reason than I still think people should check the bands out. Searching WYD? online doesn't turn up much of anything!